Bipolar disorder

People with bipolar disorder go through abnormal mood changes. They may be extremely happy or irritable and will be more energetic and active than usual for a certain period. This is called a manic episode. Sometimes people with bipolar disorder feel very sad and “down,” with low energy, and reduced activity. This is called a depressive episode.

There are normal ups and downs everyone goes through. But in Bipolar mood disorder, the mood swings are more extreme and are accompanied by changes in sleep, energy level, and the ability to think clearly.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder?

The symptoms of bipolar disorder are that people experience depressed mood and elevated, or elated mood, meaning depression and mania.

Manic phase-

Symptoms of Mania-(all the following symptoms need not be present in a patient)

1. elated, extremely happy mood or irritable mood
2. racing thoughts
3. talking too fast
4. false beliefs about having extraordinary power
5. over activity
6. over religiosity
7. assaultive behavior, especially when someone questions them
8. changing subjects very quickly while talking
9. risky behaviors
10. reckless driving
11. overspending leading to financial losses
12. preference to wear bright colourful dress
13. excess grooming
14. sexually promiscuous behavior
15. reduced sleep
16. excess energy

Symptoms in Depressive phase-

1. Feeling sad
2. loss of interest
3. lack of energy
4. reduced self esteem
5. reduced sleep
6. loss of appetite
7. loss of weight
8. hopelessness
9. thoughts of death or suicide
10. reduced need for sleep
11. reduced sexual interest
12. unexplainable physical complaints, pain, headache

Age group affected
How is Bipolar Disorder Diagnosed?


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